The Impossible Things of Turkey

Confusion is a sickness to me. I yearn to know what I’m doing first thing in the morning. It could simply be watching a film for the 10th time or eating a loaded bagel. I’ve come back from an intense experience Erasmus experience in Turkey. It’s funny how it is classed as our closest neighbour to the east yet it is a good 4 hours away.

There was much to learn and discover about the culture and environment I was to call home for 10 days. New faces and landscapes to entertain my senses. Long lectures filled with information I could not fully comprehend. Exhausted rituals that were prolonged horribly by the lack of natural light in the meeting space. Then the loss started to feel quite honestly relaxing. Why stress over things you can’t understand? Get on with what you can and everything else will cease to matter.


Towards the end of the days things started to pick up and flow beautifully. People from all backgrounds mingling in the communal spots and hard at work to finish the greatness that had been generated. There was history and tranquility thrown in the mix and plenty of choice for the adventurer or solitude in ones personality.

The relationship with myself has deepened upon returning as has the one with my other half. I only want to be surrounded with good health and laughter. I’ve decided to invest what I can into the people that try, who go for it everyday and always find time to get back to what matters. People, they matter and sometimes we can at times forget that and in turn ourselves. Finding balance and time is key. They are not promised but we should aim to pursure vigorously.


Blessings x




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