That time I didn’t go to Belgium.

I never made that trip to San Francisco at 21. While disappointed it didn’t stop me from taking a trip to Milan with my mom instead. I question whether that trip even happened sometimes due to me deciding I needed the break.

4 years later the urge to get away came strong and instant again. 2018 is looking to be the toughest of years I’ve encountered in recent times. Then again stepping into a new country at 6AM showed the daily challenges of others below poverty, below the matrix and in some cases simply not human beings to the rest of the world.


I recounted to close friends how beautiful Brussels was. It is honestly one of most well laid out capital cities I’ve seen in my lifetime so far. It is also the place where the most important decisions concerning the EU take place.

It’s hard not think about Brexit once you’re there. So much dialogue and history since the end of the major world wars of the 20th century. Have we progressed to greater things or are we still milling over the little bits?

Then there was a heavier burden I carried. Miss organised forgot the main thing that will change once we seperate from the EU – my passport. I can not tell you how stupid I felt. I wonder sometimes if my instincts kick in for the minors tests and give up on the major exam. This is definitely not first time I’ve made the wrong decision. It still pains me in some ways.

dsc01113.jpg  20180304_071436.jpg 20180304_131016

Then again the adventure is always worth having no matter the level of tiredness or stupidity you are to put yourself through.



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