That time I worked in another city.

6 days | Number 3 | 25 lives

I’m already in 2018 so bare with me as I observe 2017 from a distance.

After the four year roller-coaster that saw me travel more, cry hard, take more chances and generally run around trying to make sense of it all I settled for something normal. 18 miles away from home I found a new life in the city founded by a woman. I make a big deal about it being founded by a woman as so many people who are from the area don’t even realise it.

Wolverhampton, a city dubbed the fattiest place in the UK at current. It is not hard to see why, with Greggs and sweet cakes shops as soon as you leave the train station you are soon trapped. My work became my safe place for everything.. eating, laughing and conversing with my clients. It was a light existence, hours were flexible and the travel time gradually started to feel normal.

I tried to sandwich in as much social time as I could due to the commute being so intense. In some ways I succeed but my hard ass said you can do better. Summer (which is Spring and Autumn mixed in the UK now) was a beautiful experience of working with the future of the human race. Young women shared intimate details with me as well as the typical. I couldn’t help but feel older than I am but at the same time grateful that some situations will find resolve as one ages.

It has arguably being the quietest I’ve felt in my life in a long time. I realise I’m good at looking after others and not feeling a sense to over complicate what being a woman is. I was myself and that resonated with my work colleagues and girls.

I wish to stay on here but alas the 6th called me to more adventures across the EU. A picture below sums a small slice of that time.

See you at 25

Blessings x







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