All the best people sit at the back. . .

The search continues for ‘job satisfaction’ but what about if the jobs your in already satisfy you? I feel like I’m living in the desert but it’s not to hot at noon and and not cold at nine. It’s perfect and I’m running up and down lot. Then sometimes I lay there with about six sun glasses on my face, staring into space.

The routine I’ve created for myself has been quite productive. I learn how to drive in my mind as well as written form. I climb mountains which are surely just hills but still manage to conquer. Then there are the unwritten concrete goals on my heart that you want to sing and praise about all the time but realistically you have to see them through.

I’m seeing through a lot of things this year. I couldn’t be more proud of myself but I hope those before me are to. Keep on moving up.

Blessings x

P.s. I created this a few weeks.. check the description as I can’t shut up even when I have no choice in the matter.



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