Don’t tell me I don’t give you spoilers and smiles.

I’m so ill for one little madam. We like to think we rule and have all control over our throat muscles until they take all the power back and send you into a zombie like state. I go crazy for chilli at these times; Vick’s and Olbas oil are staples next to my bed all year round.


I’ve been doing a bit of reading here and there, mostly on the facts I do not know about my community. I’ve learned from a father to the Birmingham people and how he was overshadow but still prolific. I was wonder to myself even now if that could happen to me. I’m choosing to be a leader because I feel for many that have come before me and ever so prevalent future ones. I want to make it easier for them but not so easy that it leaves them with nothing to do.

I’m working on a few video projects which I definitely want to show people, I realise that video work is not my true calling but it doesn’t hurt to be spontaneous and learn new things whether I’m editing to 2am or holding a light above a camera with a quivering arm. It’s all in good faith that the story is realised and accepted, stay tuned.




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