Deadlines and butts

Taking my sweet time with this one. I’m late once again to my own party but at least there are friendly faces and helping hands to say it’s okay. I’ve been using my hands on social media to stay with trends, I have used my feet and legs to carry paint across a gallery and now I use my lips to kiss a friend with non claiming love. Don’t get me started on the teeth. Janaury – the month has been such a blur, thinking it would be only be a little stimulating with an occasional bite. That was not the case, but it has been beautiful and tiring and tough. My job search continues as does my appetite for travel. I’m looking to learn at least one language fluently by the end of the year. Also build an ethos for my community page, this is the year to really separate myself as well as the page from the pack. Birmingham remains my demanding partner but Europe is calling for me to.. I must check my passport because I can feel something is coming out of the blue.

Blessings x



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