..From Birmingham to London to beyond..

So it’s week one of the year, and I’m back doing me. I must confess; I don’t feel twenty three but it grows on me every day. While I can say my week has not been purposely adventurous it has been on beautiful home-grown ground. I’ve read, felt inspired, listened, munched and conversed fiercely.


The search for work continues, I feel calm and focused. Breathing is important – really important. I was told to keep my head above water a long time ago and I can say I’ve floated well with 90% of the things that have come in my sphere.

I’m going to make a better effort to keep this updated, at least once a week. I genuinely have the time but not always the facilities. I thought I wanted it in my pocket but I find it another pointless app that does nothing but catch virtual dust on my android. Until the next time my travellers. I miss you already.


Blessings x


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