“The Smart Girl.”

ImageThe smart girl she was,

The smart girl she is,

The smart girl she will be,

So effortlessly standing on her own two feet,

feeling the ground burning beneath.

She does not ask to be smart but to take charge of her destiny.

That’s a small little feat,

At least for her she thinks.

Oh why smart girl do you weep?

Is it because you try so hard

to speak, to think, to eat?

Why do you look so somber?

Are you so lonely you can not breathe?

Please smart girl, help me see,

the errors of my ways so I can compete,

To you I must be so immature and weak,

To you I give you my heart to keep.

Smart girl, do remember,

the world is not so bleak,

to shy away and stay obsolete.

Please understand we are a fertile few,

but we have only begun to start anew,

We bend, we break,

We toss, we twirl,

But we are really all about the little things girl.

We dance, we shout, we scream a little loud,

We cry, we sob, we are silly,

So many things that make us real.

So smart girl please won’t you take my hand,

and travel to foreign and distant lands.

We can hunt, we can hide,

or stare at the sky.

As long as your by my side

to day we die.


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